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The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Reserve Unit is a group of volunteer deputies, who provide a variety of duties for the Sheriff's Office at great savings to the taxpayers of Jefferson County.  The primary function of the Reserve Unit deputies is to supplement uniformed patrol for full-time deputies who are on leave due to sickness, vacation, or military leave. The Reserve Unit is also activated when additional deputies are needed due to man-made or natural disasters, such as severe weather events, wildfires and Homeland Security concerns.  After certification, Reserve Deputies can perform transportation duties, hospital duty and other more advanced assignments.  Asides from assisting the Uniformed Patrol Division, the Reserve Deputies are often seen patrolling the shores of the Arkansas River during the summer months. 

Members of the Sheriff's Reserve Unit are sworn deputies, who are committed to volunteer 8 hours per month on average. In addition, members must complete 20-40 hours of state and Sheriff's Office-required mandatory training per year. Members must also qualify with their firearms per Sheriff's Office policy to maintain proficiency.  If you are interested in joining the Sheriff’s Reserve Unit or questions about the training requirements, please contact Major Lafayette Woods, Jr. 870.541.5351 or via email at lafayette.woods@jeffcoso.org

The Jefferson County Reserve Deputies assist the Sheriff's Office in many capacities.  Those include:

- Prisoner transports and extraditions
- Patrolling with or under the supervision of full time deputies
- Serving as Bailiffs in the various courts
- Providing security, crowd control, and similar functions at many public events
- Assisting with inmate management at the Detention Center
- Managing the Saturday community service work program
- Many other duties related to all aspects of Sheriff's Office responsibilities

It would be impossible for the Sheriff's Office to satisfactorily and efficiently perform all the duties and provide all the services it does without our Reserve Deputies.  They are an extremely valuable part of the team.

What are the training requirements?:

  • 110 hours of recruitment training.
  • Firearms Qualifications - once a year.
  • Minimum of 96 hours of annual volunteer time.

Click Here for a description of the types of training given to Reserve Deputy Sheriffs.

What are the costs?

  • Reserve Deputies pay for the cost of the psychological and physical examinations.
  • They also pay for uniform items including weapon.
  • Total approximate cost = $1500.00

Expenses are tax deductible.


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