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Tactical Handcuffing
In-Service Training
Thu, Mar 18, 2021

This course will begin at 1300 hours in the JCSO classroom. The course is 4 hours and is accredited through CLEST.

This course is designed to train Officers how to handcuff suspects from a position of tactical advantage which will allow them to maintain control of the suspect should they resist.

After this course of instruction the student will be able to properly:

1. Identify the three types of subjects an officer will handcuff.

2. Identify the three tactical considerations of handcuffing.

3. Identify the three criteria used to determine if an officer can legitimately handcuff a subject without the concern of civil repercussions.

4. Identify when an officer should double-lock the handcuffs.

5. Identify two common handcuffing myths.

6. List the three considerations in selecting handcuffs.

7. Identify the two mechanical failures commonly experienced with handcuffs.

8. Demonstrate the "Terry Frisk" procedure.

9. Demonstrate the procedure for searching a handcuffed person.

10. Demonstrate the standing handcuffing technique.

11. Demonstrate the kneeling handcuffing technique.

12. Demonstrate the prone handcuffing technique.

13. Demonstrate the Iron Wrist Lock Takedown technique.


This course is offered to certified and reserve Deputies 




Contact Captain John Bean at (870)541-5351 extension 4106 or in order to be scheduled for the course.