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Escort Position and Joint Lock Control
In-Service Training
Fri, Apr 30, 2021

This course is designed to train Officers in the proper escort position as well as counter measures should a subject resist being escorted

After this course of instruction the Officer will be able to properly:

1. Describe the Escort Position to include positioning and distance

2. Identify the relative Position from which an officer should apply the Escort Position

3. Identify the two common forms of resistance from the Escort Position and the applicable joint lock for each.

4. Identify the primary Distraction Technique used from the Escort Position

5. Demonstrate the Transport Wrist Lock Takedown

6. Demonstrate the Straight Armbar Takedown

7. Identify when the Inside Takedown should be applied

8. Demonstrate the Inside Takedown

9. Demonstrate the Rear Takedown

This course will begin at 0800 hours and will provide 4 hours of training accredited by CLEST.

This training will be physical in nature and will require hands-on contact with other Officers.

Contact Captain John Bean at (870)541-5351 extension 4106 or email at in order to be scheduled for this class.