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Juvenile Detention Officer


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Thank you for your interest in our Jack Jones Juvenile Justice Center (JJC).  We are always accepting applications from Interested and Qualified Applicants. 

Applicants who appear to meet the required selection criteria and most closely match the requirements of the position will be advised in due course.

Preference can be given to those applicants who have already undergone related juvenile jail standards jailer course.

Hiring qualified candidates can only be accomplished if qualified applicants are encouraged to work for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO). The effort to recruit a qualified workforce is the responsibility of every JCSO employee. This agency also calls upon community leaders and interest groups to support our employment effort.

As required by juvenile jail standards and this agency, the requirements for becoming a Juvenile Detention Officer with the Jack Jones Juvenile Justice Center are:


Applicants   must be a citizen of the United States

Applicants   must be free of felony convictions

Applicants   must be at least 21 years of age

Applicants   must have completed High School or possess a GED

Applicants   must possess a valid Arkansas Driver's License

Applicants   must pass an extensive background investigation

Applicants   must pass a psychological examination

Applicants   must pass a physical examination


The most apparent job duty of a juvenile detention officer involves providing safety and security to incarcerated juveniles. Job duties within this capacity often include:

  • Transporting juvenile detainees to and from court hearings, medical facilities, classes or recreational activities
  • Monitor detention facility to ensure secure has not been compromised
  • Supervising juvenile detainees throughout the day, including meal time and recreational time
  • Completing daily reports
  • Completing incident reports when violence or disorder erupts
  • Providing intensive security for juveniles with higher risk or security status
  • Enforcing the rules and regulations of the detention facility
  • Reporting  breaches of security or inappropriate behavior to supervisors

Basic Jail Training curriculum includes the following:

  • Ethics & Professionalism 2 Hrs
  • Facility Rules & Regulations 6 Hrs
  • Fingerprinting 4 Hrs
  • Search of Persons 2 Hrs
  • Prisoner Transportation 2 Hrs
  • Practical Exercise: Searches, Handcuffs & Prisoner Transport 4 Hrs
  • Special Needs Detainees: Suicidal Mentally Ill Communicable Diseases 4 Hrs
  • Escape Prevention 2 Hrs
  • Cell & Area Search 2 Hrs
  • Jail Documents 3 Hrs
  • Sudden In-Custody Deaths 1 Hr
  • Constitutional Rights 1 Hr
  • Courtroom Testimony 1 Hr
  • Occupational Stress 2 Hrs
  • Communication Skills 2 Hrs
  • Use of Force 2 Hrs

Interested persons should click HERE to download our application for employment.  Fill the application out on your computer, print the completed application out, sign it, have it notarized and then turn it in to JJC Administrator, Joseph Gorman at 410 E. 2nd Avenue, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601.

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