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Sheriff S.F. Vaulx

Sheriff S.F. Vaulx
Sheriff S.F. Vaulx
Term: 1923-1926

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                                         Sam F. Vaulx


Throughout the thirty years of Sam F. Vaulx's service to Jefferson County, he received 15 commissions from 1919 through 1947. The offices he won were circuit clerk (1919 and 1921), sheriff and collector (1923 and 1925), and assessor (1927-1947). Each time he won an election, he received an elaborate certificate, issued by the governor of Arkansas and signed with his seal. It named the county, specified the office won, certified the winner and commissioned him to perform the duties of that office. 

Evidence of heart trouble led to his decision to retire from public service at the end of his 1947 term, which was January 1, 1949. A year and a half later a heart attack ended his life at age 78.