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Jefferson County Deputy Nathan Jynes



The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce that Nathan Jynes is the Patrol Deputy of the Month for July 2020.

Deputy Jynes has exceeded the expectations of a patrol deputy for the month of July. He has made a name for himself in accomplishing this distinguished goal for three months in a row.

Joining the Jefferson County force almost two years ago, Jynes expressed that he feels honored and proud to be recognized as the July Patrol Deputy of the Month.

"I am proud of myself," said Jynes. "Being recognized as Patrol Deputy of the Month is always an honor. I am especially proud of myself because I have worked hard and accomplished deputy of the month for three months in a row while we are currently faced with the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted my daily duties as a sheriff's deputy."

Jynes stated that receiving the recognition motivates him to keep striving for greatness.

"I strive to give my best each day," he said. "I am humbly thankful to receive this recognition for July. I will always continue to do my best while protecting and serving the citizens of Jefferson County."

Patrol Lieutenant Christopher Grider says that Jynes "does great work and always goes the extra mile."

It is because of his dedication to service and his devotion to the community he serves that JCSO is proud to name Nathan Jynes as its July Patrol Deputy of the Month.

The quality of dedication is very important for the agency's long-term success. We look forward to Jynes' ability to achieve the highest level of success, and being recognized as Deputy of the Month is just the beginning. We value all our employees and are especially pleased to watch them meet the challenges presented and grow into greater individuals.

It is our sincere hope that you will join us in congratulating Nathan Jynes on his accomplishment and in wishing him continued success at our agency.



***The Patrol Deputy of the Month is chosen based on a system of points totaled each month for every ticket, warning, incident, accident, general escort, building security check, D.W.I., drug possession, domestic battery, etc.



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