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As we continue getting better every day as a county, I want to discuss a growing concern of mine: litter.

For the past few months, while driving into work each morning, I've noticed a considerable increase in the amount of litter that is cluttering our city and county thoroughfares. The global COVID-19 pandemic along with some contractual issues have negatively impacted the efforts of the sheriff's office clean team. However, in our efforts to keep our community's litter at bay, we will be joining the citywide cleanup on Saturday, September 19, 2020 from 8 am to 12 noon. As this issue continues to grow, we are looking ahead to having a proactive response to littering, as opposed to a reactive response. 

The cleanup will take place in the following locations between 8 am and 12 noon:

  •    Old Main between Olive Street and Country Club Lane
  •    Old Main between Country Club Lane and 38th Street
  •    Old Main between 38th Street and 27th Ave
  •    Old Main between 27th Ave and Harding Ave.
  •    52nd Street between Old Main Street and Ohio Street
  •    38th between Old Main Street and Louisiana Street
  •    38th between Missouri Street and Ohio Street
  •    Ditch at Corner of Cypress Street and Bell Street
  •    26th between Hazel and Olive Street
  •    N. Juniper Street between W. Pullen Street and N. Peach Street
  •    S. Hazel between 17th and 28th
  •    Corner of 26th and Elm Street
  •    Hazel Street between 46th Street and Bayou Bartholomew
  •    28th between S. Myrtle and S. Camden Road
  •    S. Myrtle between 6th and 3rd
  •    17th between Hazel Street and train track
  •    Miramar Drive between train track and 20th Ave.
  •    W. 17th between Blake and Bay Street & W. 16th between Bay and S. Catalpa
  •    15th between Cypress and Elm
  •    S. Georgia Street between Park and E. 24th Ave.
  •    S. Georgia Street between E. 24th and E. 31st
  •    Wisconsin between E. Harding and Belmont &Wisconsin between 8th and 9th
  •    11th from Ohio Street to S. Utah Street
  •    S. Hazel Street between 10th Ave. and 17th Ave.
  •    LA Prexy Drive between Pullen Street and Bell Street
  •    S. Myrtle between 6th and 3rd
  •    Ditch at Corner of Cypress Street and Bell Street
  •    N. Hickory between W. Reeker Ave. and W. Havis Street
  •    Larch between Martha Mitchell and W. 4th
  •    Mulberry Street between 8th and 12th
  •    13th between Linden and S. Cedar
  •    13th between S. Cedar and S. Hazel Street
  •    S. Hazel between 17th and 28th
  •    S. Cherry Street between 16th Ave. and 26th Ave.

We are eager to assist the City of Pine Bluff and I want to thank our jail staff for their management of our clean team, who work hard to keep our county clean. In response to the increase in littering, I have instructed my deputies to keep a close eye out for litterers and to enforce the Arkansas state litter laws accordingly.

Most people are not aware of the harmful effects littering has on our environment, and many do not know what the law says about littering. It is important that we take care of our communities, and it starts with the small things, like keeping our community clean.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to littering:

  • Litter is defined as garbage, refuse, rubbish and all other wastes, including tobacco products and any other items primarily designed to hold or filter a tobacco product while it is being smoked.
  • According to Arkansas state law, some littering offenses are punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and eight (8) hours of community service. For subsequent offenses, violators can look to pay up to a $2,000 fine and twenty-four (24) hours of community service.
  • When hauling materials or trash in the back of a pick-up truck or trailer, all contents must be reasonably secured and be covered with a tarp to ensure nothing falls or blows off.

Keeping our county 'litter free' is essential to maintaining its appearance and appeal. We all owe it to each other to responsibly and legally dispose of our trash.

Let's abide by these litter laws so that we can continue getting better every day.




Lafayette Woods, Jr.