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To citizens and my fellow LEO's:

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was created by multiple organizations in 2015 to express their gratitude for officers in the United States.  This holiday was triggered by the chain of events in 2014 when a police officer was involved in a crossfire shooting in Missouri.  The backlash and violence that followed this event led C.O.P.S to take the initiative to change this negative portrayal of police officers in the news in recent years into a positive one. 

In the mid-1800s, most law enforcement was carried out in the form of posse comitatus, where the sheriff and a posse of volunteers and deputies (much like the stereotypical Westerns of the 1960s) would enforce laws rather than a centralized police force.  This is due to the fact that most states and cities within the United States didn't consider emergency services like firefighters and police officers to be necessary until much later than most would think.  The idea of law enforcement was moderately established as a profession. 

Whether it's civil unrest, labor strikes, huge sporting events, or just helping a cat get down from a tree, law enforcement officers are a critical part of our lives, woven into the everyday fabric of living in America.  They keep our neighborhoods safe and help ensure that whatever it is you need to do, you can do with peace of mind.

In support of their services, citizens are encouraged to do their part in thanking the law enforcers on this day.  One of the main organizations to take the lead in this is C.O.P.S - Concerns of Police Survivors.  According to them, law enforcement officers need to be shown that the difficult career path they have chosen is recognized by the people who they protect and uphold the law for.

With over 900,000 officers in the United States, it is essential to support law enforcers during difficult times, and a holiday dedicated to them does just that.  Today raises awareness on the importance of understanding that the difficult decisions taken by law enforcement officers are in the best interest of citizens and the law.

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Lafayette Woods, Jr.