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UPDATE: Liberty Utility Water Crisis in Jefferson County



The City of Pine Bluff along with Jefferson County and other officials and stakeholders have been conducting daily meetings with Liberty Utilities in an effort to gain updates on what actions the company is taking to resolve the issue of low water pressure in the city.

What's new since our last update:

The bacteria sample Liberty Utility submitted yesterday to the Arkansas Department of Health came back clean. Liberty is completing a second test, which is required by the Health Department, but have obtained a waiver that allows us to bring the additional filters at Plant 1 online while we await the second test results.

Today, Liberty learned from the Health Department that if the second test does not come back clean, we will be required to issue a boil order for Pine Bluff water customers. Pressure at all three of our plants continues to improve as noted in the data below.

Liberty Utility has decided to hold off on bringing the filters at Plant 1 online until Liberty receives a clean second test. By waiting until they have a clean second test, Liberty will eliminate the risk of having to issue a boil order for Liberty customers as noted by the Health Department.

By the Numbers - 2-24-21

•At least 118 residential leaks that have been reported and addressed. We addressed another fire suppression leak today.

•Current water production level as of 4:29 p.m., 2-24-2021: 12.799 million gallons (typical for this time of year is 7 to 9 million gallons)

•Water pressures at plants as of 4:29 p.m., 2-24-2021 (Note: Normal Pressure is between 50 and 60 PSI)

•Pressures have remained stable or improved
◦Plant 1: 41.1 PSI
◦Plant 2: 71.4 PSI
◦Plant 3: 43.7 PSI

Lafayette Woods, Jr.