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Sheriff Woods Expresses Gratitude for All Who Assisted During Water Crisis



Firetrucks being used to connect an external water source to the Jefferson County Detention Center during the recent water crisis.


During the recent water crisis that started February 18th, which is now under control, many residents and businesses were tremendously affected. 

Businesses were unable to operate effectively due to the utility having lost water pressure in its lines, leading to infrastructure collapse at many institutions, including our office and detention facilities. We faced the major problem of not having water to maintain sanitary conditions, such as being able to flush toilets and the ability to shower.  

When it was identified that we could make some modifications and connect into our detention center plumbing systems with an external water source, we contacted Jeff Robert's Plumbing who quickly reacted and made the connections for us. White Hall Mayor Noel Foster authorized the White Hall Fire Department to start planning and they quickly resourced and organized the mutual aid that began bringing water in from outside the Pine Bluff area to supply and pressurize our detention center. Thankfully, using firetrucks we were able to continue jail operations during the crisis and provide water for showers, sanitation, laundry, and restrooms for our detainee population.

I want to express my gratitude and show appreciation for everyone who assisted us throughout this process. Without the help and support you offered us, we would not have been able to resolve the issue in such a timely and proficient manner.


Lafayette Woods, Jr.

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