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Dear Fathers,

Today, we celebrate Father’s Day!


It’s important to note that children need their fathers because it increases a child’s ability to thrive. We must reject the commonly accepted notion that while motherhood is certainly necessary, fatherhood is optional; a luxury reserved only for those who are fortunate.


Fathers must do more to show their commitment to their children, who so desperately need them. There has been a great need for us as community leaders to dedicate time towards addressing the concerns and commitment towards the subject of fatherhood.


I support and respect those fathers who continue to provide for their children and families. Likewise, I urge those father who take a lackluster approach to the responsibility of being a father to step up. I urge those fathers not to be absent from the lives of their children but to be present and willing to do whatever it takes to provide a safe life for them. I urge fathers to equip their children or children with the tools they need to be successful and productive citizens.

Let's all work very hard to make sure that we are the fathers that our children need and deserve. A son's first hero and a daughter's first love is their father. Any man can contribute to the conception of a child but it takes someone special to be a father.

May all you wonderful father's enjoy a Happy Father's Day.

Best wishes,


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Gerald Robinson