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New Agency Flag



Dear Citizens:

I recognize that a flag is a symbol that evokes history, tradition and values.  A flag and its logo help raises consciousness and pride, create recognition, and establish identity for an organization.  As such, the Sheriff’s Office for the first time in its history created a flag to uniquely distinguish the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and create a source of pride and identity for our employees and the county we serve. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) is one of the largest county law enforcement agencies in the State.  We provide sheriff services to one of Arkansas most populous counties as well as municipal police services to many of the county’s cities.  Established in 1830, its motto is “A Service Oriented Agency” dedicated to service.

I am very proud of what this agency has been able to accomplish and the great strides we have made.          

Please visit us on facebook and provide your feedback or comments about our agency’s flag.

Thanks again,

Gerald Robinson, Sheriff