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Training Division

The Training Division is responsible for the coordination and planning of continuing professional training for all sheriff's office staff. Additionally, the Training Division conducts training for those individuals seeking Specialized Certification as well as Jailer Certification Courses for each incoming class of candidates vying to serve within the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. 

The Training Division gives instruction in a variety of custody–specific topics including: the use of force continuum, firearm qualification - safety and handling, active shooter response, courtroom testimony, ethics and professionalism, inmate/detainee education and general professional subjects which include clear and concise report writing, sexual harassment, general conduct, CPR, interpersonal communications, and more. Candidates also receive physical training and are schooled in multiple defense and control tactics as well as de-escalation. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has also implemented the practice of mandatory continuous training and retraining on the use of force, due to the atypical nature of the situation, to ensure that deputies are well prepared for it. Since its inception, the Training Division has already helped save the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office several hundred dollars in monies that would have otherwise been paid to outside criminal justice institutions. 

The Training Division is an integral part of the sheriff's office duty to maintain the highest standards and ethical values in the hiring and training of new and current employees.


The mission of the Training Division is to provide the best and most relative training needed for new deputies, in-service deputies, and law enforcement officers from other surrounding agencies who avail themselves for our services.


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Captain Kaleisha Wise

Training Division Commander

Phone: 870.541.5351