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Criminal Investigation Division


Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) is under the command of Captain Andy Hoots. The C.I.D. is the investigative arm of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and serves the citizens of Jefferson County, Arkansas by investigating potential criminal violations of the Arkansas Criminal Code Annotated and related crimes in a manner that fosters confidence in the judicial system and compliance with the law.

The C.I.D. also handles the follow-up investigations of criminal offenses; the development of information contributing to offense prevention; and victim assistance.  The C.I.D. is responsible for processing and cataloging evidence at crime scenes.

The primary functions of the C.I.D. are as follows: to review and investigate reports of felony and misdemeanor criminal acts; identify suspects, both adult and juvenile; and prepare cases for prosecution with the District and County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Investigative work is reactive from reports with the identification, arrest and prosecution of suspects and also proactive through the prevention of criminal acts in their identification of suspects.  Investigators also prepare affidavits for arrest warrants, search warrants, interview victims, witnesses, and suspects, and perform many other related duties.

The C.I.D. also provides support to victims of crimes during the course of an investigation. The crime victims and the community both benefit from the prosecution and punishment of criminals. Many investigations can be completed in a matter of weeks, whereas other investigations may take years before they are solved. Every attempt is made to prioritize their work so that cases involving injured persons, threats to personal safety and significant property loss receive the most immediate attention. The Investigation Division has at least one investigator designated as being “on call” at all times, but all investigators can be called in to work major crime scenes when needed. The investigators are available Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be contacted by dialing 870.541.5496

Criminal Investigation Division Personnel

There are four (4) full-time investigators, one (1) part-time investigator and one secretary. In addition to the aforementioned personnel, the division is also staffed by the following command staff:


No PIC available.jpg

Lieutenant John Bean

No PIC available.jpg 

Sergeant Terry Wingard

No PIC available.jpg

Investigator Camesha Marks 

No PIC available.jpg

Investigator Johnathan Powell

No PIC available.jpg


Sydney Marini

 Dejah Huffman-CID.png

Investigative Intern

DeJah Huffman

 No PIC available.jpg

Christy Badgley, Secretary


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