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Major Lafayette Woods, Jr.

Operation Commander/Public Information Officer



UPDATE: 13 of 20 ARRESTED IN OPERATION “ICE STORM”: Jefferson County, Arkansas – February 19, 2016 – The Tri-County Drug Task Force/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office assisted jointly by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies have made more arrests in a drug roundup dubbed Operation “Ice Storm”. At last count, deputies along with state, local, and federal law enforcement authorities had arrested 13 out of the 20 defendants wanted. The 18-month-long operation produced a total of 20 arrest warrants and 37 felony charges of delivery of methamphetamine “ice” or cocaine.


Since the start of the drug roundup, we have received calls from attorneys wanting to surrender their clients after seeing their mugshots on the news, social media and in the newspaper. However, we learned that at least two defendants were already behind bars in other states for unrelated charges. We have forward copies of the warrants to the respective detention facilities in accordance with our defendant detainer procedures. Prior to transporting any defendant from one state back to another on an arrest warrant, the defendant either has to agree to sign a waiver of extradition or the governor of that state has to sign a “governors warrant” agreeing to the extradition.


“We have taken notice at the fact that the drug of choice for both users and distributors has a lot to do with national drug trends coupled with the demand and cost of the drug. We have seen a rise in the use and sell of methamphetamine as well as prescription pills, which has proven to be an on-going problem.”


20 defendants have been charged in all.


13 have been arrested:


Timothy Akins, “Eastside Shawty” – Delivery of Meth or Cocaine (x3)Dave Hart - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine

Delkendric Holmes – Delivery of Meth or Cocaine (x5)

Donnell Reed – Delivery of Meth or Cocaine (x3)

Edman Smith – Delivery of Meth or Cocaine

Edwin Foots - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine

Heather Michelle Biggs-Lambert - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine

Jennifer Spikes - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine (x2)

Jet McClain - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine (x2)

Markee Avery - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine (x2)

Patrick Brown - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine

Tamaric Milton - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine (x2)

Terrance Potter, a/k/a “T Lee” - Delivery of Meth or Cocaine


If you have any information please contact the Sheriff's Office at 870-541-5351. You can ask to remain anonymous.