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Alicia Dorn

Communications Director/Public Information Officer

OFFICE: 870-541-5351/CELL: 870-329-5638


SHERIFF ISSUES EVACUATION WARNING AHEAD OF FLOOD: Jefferson County, AR - May 23, 2019 - The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has issued an evacuation warning for the Island Harbor Marina and Wright-Pastoria residents because of the potential for flooding in the area.

As advised by the Weather Forecast Office as of yesterday, the latest water flood stage for Pine Bluff, Arkansas was 36.2 feet at 11 o’clock in the morning with the Arkansas River projected to crest at 45.0 feet on or about June 1st.  As such, the warning will stand until further advised.

Residents in the Island Harbor, Wright-Pastoria, Knotts Island, and other areas surrounded by the Arkansas River are advised to head for higher ground beforehand, the Sheriff’s Office said.

This evacuation warning comes after the National Weather Service issued a flood watch for Pine Bluff-Jefferson County, including Island Harbor Marina, Riverside Drive, and other areas.  The flood watch is in effect from 4 p.m. Wednesday through Thursday morning.

A flood watch indicates the possibility of flooding, which could become life-threatening.

“People in the affected areas, or those who are near waterways downstream from affected areas, should be prepared to flee toward higher ground in anticipation of flood water, an evacuation notice or evidence of soil instability,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr.

People should call 9-1-1 should they see any evidence of soil instability or debris flows.

“In spite of warnings, we have had numerous residents remain within the areas we know all too well that are affected by flooding.  Again, we stress that property can be replaced but your life cannot,” Woods said.

Before, during, and after flood warning tips include the following:

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