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Major Gary McClain

Office: 870.541.5351 / Cell: 870.329.5638


PUBLIC NOTICE - SCAM ALERT:  Jefferson County, Arkansas - November 5, 2022 - Don't fall for today's Phone Scam, even if the caller says they're with the Sheriff's Office.

Scammers are trying different ways to try to con people, including saying they are calling from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office or some other law enforcement agency.

If you receive a call from a private or unknown number placed by someone identifying themselves as Major McClain or some other member from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (or any other law enforcement agency) and that you have to pay them money, hang up. Scammers will try a variety of approaches to intimidate and coerce people into giving them money. However, no law enforcement agency will ever call you and demand money.

Don't be a victim! The callers may identify themselves as law enforcement officers, use an official sounding title or use a spoofed phone number that looks real. They may state that you missed jury duty, have an outstanding warrant, failed to pay a fine, owe someone money, need to post a bond, or did not appear in court on a summons, and as a result, you must pay them immediately. They may even threaten to have you arrested or send an officer or deputy to take you into custody, unless you give them money or provide them credit card or gift card information. Some might even demand payment in cryptocurrency, like Ca$hApp, Bitcoin, Venmo, etc.

Do not pay them or disclose any financial or personal information. Simply hang up!

If you have been the victim of this type of scam, report it to your local law enforcement agency. The non-emergency dispatch number for Jefferson County is 870.541.5300.