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Pictured Above: Catrlia Lashun Sanders-Heard



Major Gary McClain

Office:  870.541.5351 / 870.329.5638


GIRLFRIEND OF FEDERAL DETAINEE HOUSED IN COUNTY JAIL ARRESTED FOR HER INVOLVEMENT IN DRUG SMUGGLING ATTEMPT:  Jefferson County, Arkansas - March 24, 2023 - The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce the apprehension of Catrlia Lashun Sanders-Heard, who was being sought by our Criminal Investigation Division and Tri-County Drug Task Force for her role in the attempted W.C. "Dub" Brassell Adult Detention Center (DBDC) drug smuggling investigation that began on Friday, March 24, 2023. Sanders-Heard, who is believed to be the girlfriend of Tristan Lee, a federal detainee housed at DBDC on federal firearms and drug charges was arrested this morning by Tri-County Drug Task Force Captain Yohance Brunson in connection with the case.

The arrest of Sanders-Heard comes as a result of deputies being alerted to suspicious activity outside DBDC just after 4 o'clock yesterday evening. Upon arrival and investigation, it was discovered that Oliver Moore, a 36-year-old man, arrived in a black GMC Yukon driven by Heard. Moore was captured on video walking towards the exterior perimeter fence of the detention center, where he attempted to toss a large nylon Igloo cooler bag over the fence. However, Moore's attempt was quickly foiled after the bag was snagged on the razor wire along the top of the fence. Heard and Moore both fled the area immediately thereafter.

Upon examining the contents of the cooler, it was discovered that it contained a large amount of contraband, including approximately 9.6ozs of marijuana, MDMA (more commonly referred to as ecstasy), approximately 15.1ozs of synthetic marijuana (more commonly referred to as K2), approximately 285gms of suspected marijuana gummies, 11 cigarette lighters, a screwdriver, multi-tool, cigar wraps, TOP rolling paper, super glue, electrical tape, and 14 mobile smart phones with power charging cords.

Moore was subsequently arrested for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, a Class Y Felony punishable by a minimum sentence of ten years, but no more than 40 years or life in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, and for furnishing prohibited articles, a Class B Felony punishable by a minimum sentence of five years, but not more than 20 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

"I commend the diligent work of Captain Brunson and the rest of our investigative team, who worked tirelessly to bring these individuals to justice. Our office remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of our community, and we will continue to aggressively investigate and pursue those who engage in criminal activity," said Jefferson County Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr.

Sanders-Heard is also charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver and furnishing prohibited articles.  She is currently being held at DBDC, pending a first appearance on the above-mentioned charges.