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Deputy Brenita Williams-Kidd, Judge Kim Bridgforth, Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. pictured left to right/source (Div. 1 Chief Clerk Brooke Stayton)



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JEFFERSON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT LAUNCHES AR COURTHOUSE KIOSK PROGRAM:  Jefferson County, Arkansas - July 11, 2023 - Jefferson County First Division District Court Judge Kim Bridgforth is thrilled to announce the installation and launch of the AR Courthouse Kiosk Program at the Jefferson County District Courthouse. Made possible through generous grant funds from the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Arkansas Access to Justice (AATJ) Foundation, this innovative initiative aims to enhance public access to vital legal resources and information.

Located at 223 E. 2nd Avenue in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the AR Courthouse Kiosk Program allows citizens, defendants, and litigants to conveniently visit the Jefferson County District Courthouse during normal business hours and access a range of invaluable services and tools. The kiosk provides key features to include access to Public Court Connect, where individuals can now stay informed about the status of their case by accessing the Court Connect system through the kiosk. This feature ensures that defendants and litigants have immediate and convenient access to the most up-to-date information pertaining to their legal matters.

The AR Courthouse Kiosk Program offers an extensive collection of legal aid fact sheets and forms. Citizens can now educate themselves on various legal topics, empowering them to make more informed decisions and navigate the legal process with greater confidence.

Through the kiosk, individuals can access the legal aid application, streamlining the process of seeking legal assistance. This feature aims to facilitate equal access to justice by making legal aid services more readily available to those who need them.

Judge Bridgforth expressed her excitement for the launch of this groundbreaking resource, emphasizing its significance for defendants, litigants, and the community as a whole. She stated, "The AR Courthouse Kiosk Program represents a major step forward in our ongoing commitment to improving access to justice. This innovative initiative empowers citizens by providing them with free and readily accessible tools to understand the status of their case, conduct legal research, and access important forms and court documents. It is our hope that this program will enhance transparency, foster legal literacy, and promote fairness within our judicial system."

The Jefferson County District Court extends its sincere gratitude to the Administrative Office of the Courts and the Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation for their generous grant funding, which has made the AR Courthouse Kiosk Program a reality. By leveraging technology and embracing a more user-friendly approach, Jefferson County is demonstrating its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its citizens and ensuring equal access to justice for all.

Jefferson County District Courts remain dedicated to providing fair and impartial justice to all individuals within its jurisdiction. With a commitment to transparency, accessibility, and efficiency, the court serves as a vital component of the legal system in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and surrounding communities.