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Major John Bean

Office: 870.541.5351 / Cell: 870.329.5638


JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE WARNS OF EMAIL/PHONE SCAM DEMANDING MONEY:  Jefferson County, Arkansas - November 30, 2023-Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) is issuing a public warning about a recent email and phone scam that has been reported by concerned citizens. We want to ensure the safety and security of our residents and to prevent anyone from falling victim to this fraudulent activity.

The JCSO received two reports of an email and phone scam involving a person contacting citizens purporting to be JCSO Civil and Warrant Division Sergeant Trevor Langford. 

The email came from and directed the person to call (870) 406-5015. The person falsely claimed that a warrant for failure to appear had been issued for the citizen due to not appearing for court and was directed to come to the JCSO, located at 410 East 2nd Avenue, Pine Bluff, AR. 

The second involved a phone call from the same number (870) 406-5015, again from a person claiming to be Sergeant Trevor Langford. The caller informed the citizen of a warrant for arrest for missing jury duty and stated a fine of $2,100.00 could be paid in order to avoid arrest. The caller attempted to obtain payment by numerous online sources including PayPal and Apple Pay but were unsuccessful.

The JCSO is actively investigating this incident, and our top priority is ensuring the safety and security of our community members. We appreciate the vigilance shown by our citizens in taking the extra steps to confirm the legitimacy of calls that appear suspicious.

Please be mindful that these emails and phone calls are fraudulent, and any requests for money or personal information under such circumstances should be treated with extreme caution. They will look official, and the person will sound professional, but they are not representatives of the JCSO or the courts.

As a reminder, law enforcement will never ask for payment of any type over the phone, nor will they ask for personal identifying information that could be used for fraudulent purposes. Law enforcement and government agencies will never ask you to pay by unusual methods, such as gift cards, wire transfers, PayPal, Apple Pay, or cryptocurrency.

Scammers research potential victims on the internet and social media. Then they call and deceive their victims into thinking the callers are law enforcement officers, prosecutors or police employees.  Scammers may spoof a law enforcement telephone number, falsely showing on the victim's caller ID.  They threaten victims with arrest for outstanding warrants or other legal issues. We offer the following precautions, while emphasizing that it is important to verify the legitimacy of any such calls or demands.

  1. Do not send money or personal information: Legitimate law enforcement agencies will not demand immediate payment over the phone.
  2. Verify the caller's identity: If you receive a suspicious call, contact your local law enforcement agency to verify the caller's identity and the existence of any warrants.
  3. Be cautious of high-pressure tactics: Scammers often use threats and urgency to force individuals into making hasty decisions. Take your time to verify any claims.
  4. Report any suspicious calls: If you receive a suspicious call, please report it to your local law enforcement agency.

Should you receive a call claiming to be from a law enforcement agency within Jefferson County or the Prosecutor's Office, please confirm who you are speaking with. You may be able to confirm this person is with the JCSO and acting in their official capacity by calling (870) 541-5351 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, ask to speak with Major John Bean, Operations Commander. If the confirmation is regarding the Prosecutors Office you may call (870) 541-5387 during the same time period. If the call is after 5:00 PM on Monday - Friday or on the weekend and you believe it is a scam call 911. A dispatcher or receptionist can verify the caller's identity. 

Report any scam calls to your local law enforcement agency.  Please share this message with your family and friends, especially the elderly, to help prevent phone scams.

The JCSO is committed to protecting and serving our community, and we appreciate the ongoing support of our citizens in helping us achieve this mission.

If you have any information related to this incident or have been targeted by a similar scam, please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at (870) 541-5496.