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Death of Sheriff's K-9, Sergeant "Prins"




Pictured Above: Sergeant “Prins”-Left

K-9 Handler, Investigator John Bean-Right





Major Lafayette Woods, Jr.

Operation Commander/Public Information Officer


ANOTHER FALLEN OFFICER AT THE JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE: Jefferson County, Arkansas – May 9, 2011 – This past March, our agency announced the retirement of one of two our agency’s dual purpose Sheriff Canines, Sergeant “Duak” from an excellent tour of duty.  However, today our once two membered K-9 team is down its last and final public servant.

It is with an immense sadness that we announce yet another lost to our K-9 team.  This morning, we were faced with the heartfelt decision to have Sergeant “Prins” euthanized.  The decision came following the news from his veterinarian regarding the discovery of a mass during a check-up.  Initially after learning of the mass, an operation to remove the mass was scheduled.  However, during the beginning stages of the operation on this morning, Dr. Hunter learned that the cancer had spread beyond anything imaginable.  Dr. Hunter provided our agency with his professional medical opinion regarding his concerns of recovery for Sergeant “Prins”, the inability for Sergeant “Prins” to return to service following surgery as well as the effectualness of the surgery all together.    

It was then and only then did our agency make the heartfelt decision to relieve Sergeant “Prins” of any further suffering.  Sergeant “Prins”, a Belgium Malawa joined our agency in September of 2004 and served our agency for over six (6) years.  In 2007, Sergeant “Prins” and then K-9 Handler, Donald Tucker were recognized as 1st place winners for the State of Arkansas in the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) competitions and rank 11th in the Nation overall.  He had an impressive tour of duty with his human counterparts, leaving behind only his K-9 Handler, Investigator John Bean available to help patrol the streets of Jefferson County and Pine Bluff, AR. 

Daily, Sergeant “Prins” proved his loyalty and dedication to our agency as well as the citizens of Jefferson County and Pine Bluff, AR.  He worked day-in and day-out, ready to risk his life at a moment’s notice ALL to protect those that needed it.  

Again, because of the current economic downtown impacting municipal budgets, the Sheriff’s Office does not have the funds available to replace Sergeant “Prins”.  Our agency is hoping citizens will step forward, as they have in the past, and donate toward the purchase of a new dog for the agency.

A fund has been set up and donations may be sent to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 101 E. Barraque Street, Suite 112, Pine Bluff, AR 71601.  Checks should be made payable to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, with the words “Sheriff K-9 Fundraiser” in the check notation box.

Further information about the K-9 fund-raising effort may be obtained by calling Major Lafayette Woods, Jr. of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 329-5652, or by email at