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Pictured Above, Jasmine Corssley (left) receives gifts from Sheriff Gerald Robinson



Major Lafayette Woods, Jr.

Operation Commander/Public Information Officer



THE GIFT OF PRESENCE; SHERIFF AND DEPUTIES VISIT TERMINALLY ILL TEEN: Jefferson County, Arkansas – March 23, 2015 - Since the beginning of time, law enforcement officers have long been looked at simply as a body of government employees whether Federal, State, County or local that are trained in law enforcement methods of crime prevention and detection, who are authorized to maintain the peace, safety, and order of their respective communities.  Law enforcement officers respond daily to calls for assistance during emergency situations.  However, today 19-year old Jazmin Corssley received a very special visit at her home in Pine Bluff, AR from Jefferson Counties Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Sheriff Gerald Robinson, who was accompanied by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, Major Lafayette Woods, Jr., Lieutenant Yohance Brunson, and Sergeant Mark Harper.


“It’s not often deputies and other law enforcement officers alike get an opportunity to make home visits outside of responding to a 911-call for assistance.  When we were contacted by Jazmin’s mother, Mrs. Nicole Mahan, who shared with us Jazmin’s love for our agency and deputies, we were eager to do something.  Mrs. Mahan suggested a visit and we accepted that invitation but we wanted to do more, so we brainstormed to come up with something that we could do in order to brighten up Jazmin’s day, said Sheriff Robinson.”


Jazmin was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone numerous procedures and medical treatment, when sudden downturn revealed that treatment was no longer effective.  Despite a challenging battle with cancer, Jazmin greeted deputies with her infectious smile as they showered her with gifts to include her very own Deputy Sheriff T-shirt and replica badge.  In addition to presenting Jazmin with gifts, Sergeant Harper took Jazmin for a ride-a-long, even stopping at Sonic to grab a milk shake, a Jazmin favorite.     


“If you’re ever visited someone who is terminally ill, you may wonder whether your visit would make a difference.  I want to assure you that your presence does make a difference and not just with the one you’re visiting but within yourself, as it has a way of reminding us to be thankful for life, said Sheriff Robinson.”


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